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Mick Davis Writer - Director

After moving to Hollywood from Scotland, throughout the years, Davis has developed, written and directed stars such as Pierce Brosnan, Mickey Rourke, Al Pacino, Mel Gibson, Richard Harris, Geena Davis, Tim Allen, Wesley Snipes, Brittany Murphy, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Amanda Plummer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sir Ian Holm, Samuel L. Jackson, John Cleese, Emile Hirsch and Andy Garcia.

Davis also worked on rewrites for the academy award nominated movie, Elizabeth, on behalf of director Shekhar Kapur. He also wrote the cult supernatural movie, The Invisible.

Davis created, wrote and exec-produced the CBS/Warner Bros tv show Eleventh Hour, for Jerry Bruckheimer, starring Rufus Sewell. He was also a producer on the Netflix movie, The Saint.

Davis directed the Christmas comedy, ‘My Dad’s Christmas Date‘ starring Jeremy Piven and Joely Richardson.

Davis just completed the biography of music producing legend Jack Douglas, who produced John Lennon, Aerosmith.

He just wrapped the heartfelt comedy, ‘Trust in Love‘.

Next year he will direct, from his own script, The Sculptor, a feature based on the last weeks of Constantin Brancusi.



Emile Hirsch as Walden Dean

Shane West

Shane West as Detective Billy Kane

Kelli Garner

Kelli Garner as Emily Duperone

David Keith

David Keith as Judge Boyle

Tania Raymonde

Tania Raymonde as Detective Sally Hunt

Luke Davis

Luke Davis as General George

Production Credits

Sara Sometti Michaels Producer

Seth Michaels Producer

Viorel Sergovici

Viorel Sergovici Director of Photography

Joel Cox Editor

Mathieu Carratier Composer